A boy who runs with wolves is not here to be loved

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self, 2013
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self, 2013



Stephen Medeiros 
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Stephen Medeiros 

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When drunk, you will slur every word but my name.
When you pass out from intoxication, you will tell your mother that it was from too much vodka and no one was there to stop you.
you were alone.
She will not ask about me.
You will wonder why.

Three weeks ago, when I called her, I told her to stop asking about me,
to stop reassuring you that the next phone call would be from me,
because this was the last.
we both cried.

you will wear out the knees of your jeans praying I will come back.
I will wear out my voice screaming in the middle of the night,
always screaming that I miss you.

we were right for each other, but wrong at love.
we were not good enough,
we will never be good enough.

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Heaven is a place on earth with you, tell me all the things you want to do. 

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I’m baaaaacckkkk bitches. I don’t really know what I hope to get out of tumblr or even if there is anything to get out of tumblr but no one follows me now so I can say what I want. 

I don’t really have anything appropriate to say except that the nature of trauma and the act of dealing with trauma you didn’t know you had suppressed is much harder than I would have anticipated.

And I just want to go to Disney World so bad.

We’ve missed you. 

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St Lucia, the Pitons & the Milky Way (by Baggers 2014)
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St Lucia, the Pitons & the Milky Way (by Baggers 2014)

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